Delaware Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation


Decode Data Inc.

Acquire knowledge or expertise in order to find the best way to meet a specific, well-defined demand. If the research is "oriented toward the public good," it must:

  • Obtain scientific information that has been published in the form of a paper, thesis, trade publication, or other publicly available format.
  • Assist students at a college or university with their scientific education.
  • Continue scientific study in order to assist a community or geographical area in attracting new industry or encouraging existing industries to expand or remain in the community or area.


Founded and operated for scientific, educational and charitable objectives

Scientific (50%)

We perform scientific research on data and information storage and processing systems, including hardware, software, basic design principles, analysis of user requirements, and related economic and policy challenges. (Activitiy code U41-Computer Science)

Educational (25%)

We provide training in the specialized skills needed to acquire job in a specific field, as well as work experience for youth and others with no prior work experience. (Activitiy code J22 - Job Training)

Charitable (25%)

We are a civil society, philanthropy, and nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting charitable giving and volunteerism through a range of techniques such as advocacy, disclosure, information exchange, and research. (Activitiy code T50 - Philanthropy, Charity & Voluntarism Promotion)


Decode Data Inc. has the authority to operate in any other state, territory, dependent, or foreign country.

V22 - Economics (Scientific)

Conduct social science research that entails a systematic examination of resource production, conservation, and allocation in times of scarcity.

Q20 - Promotion of International Understanding (Eduacational)

Encourage international understanding through activities such as events, forums, trainings, and exchanges that allow people to gain a better understanding of other people's cultures and traditions.

T50 - Philanthropy, Charity & Voluntarism Promotion (Charitable)

Encourage charitable giving and voluntarism using a range of tactics such as advocacy, disclosure, information exchange, and research.

Fiscal Sponsership

Distribute funds to nonexempt organizations as long as Decode Data Inc. has control and discretion over their usage for its own 501(c)(3) purposes.


Here are some of the most fascinating projects that our volunteers have completed thus far, thanks to their incredible creativity. Allow yourself to expand your horizons by allowing your imagination to run wild.

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3




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